How to Lose Weight After 40

how to lose weight after 40

Weight loss is tough no matter when you’re doing it, but losing weight after 40 has unique challenges and drawbacks. Luckily, I have intimate experience with losing weight after 40, and I want to help you live your best life. 

Weight Gain After 40

Aging comes with lots of fun perks, including weight gain for some people. While much of its genetic, biological factors also come into play. 


Weight gain can be a genetic predisposition for some people. This is because specific genes determine how many fat cells people have and where they’re stored.… Read the rest

Why You Should Optimize Your Physical Health

why you should optimize your physical health

Everyone wants to look good and, more importantly, feel better. It’s a goal for people across the world. Every Dec 31st, we know at least three people are closing their eyes and swearing that this will be the year they get in shape and optimize their health. 

While some do, others don’t. Unfortunately, most of these people find that it’s too complicated, and they fall away from their new habits and lifestyle because they lack the motivation to get over that difficulty.… Read the rest

Try this leg workout that doesn’t suck

try this leg workout that doesnt suck

Leg day in the gym is a day that most of us do not look forward to. However, leg day is an essential part of any good gym routine.

Not only do strong legs help throughout the day whether you’re playing sports, walking to the store, or just trying to move around your house. Leg workouts also get your heart pumping and can burn a ton of calories.

Try this leg day workout that doesn’t suck on your next leg day.… Read the rest

3 Incredible Benefits of Ketones

3 incredible benefits of ketones

The Keto diet has become more popular than ever before. Whether you are looking to reduce your weight or become more active, it is just the diet for you. It is a diet that involves the consumption of protein and fat and minimal carbohydrates. People struggling with diabetes or epilepsy can also start the diet to improve their quality of life.

Although you may have heard about the Keto diet, chances are that you do not know much about ketones. There are many ketone benefits that will help you understand their importance.… Read the rest

Try this Leg Day Workout

try this leg day workout

You don’t need a gym membership or even home gym equipment to get a good leg day workout in. Building strong legs is about more than looking great.

Below is a leg day workout that you can do at home or at the gym. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

What are the benefits of a strong lower body?

Whether you’re walking, standing up from your seat, or squatting down to play with your kids. Your legs are key to making those things happen.… Read the rest

Try this At Home Chest Workout

try this at home chest workout

You don’t need a gym membership or even home gym equipment to get a strong and sculpted upper body. This at-home chest workout is perfect for those with minimal or no gym equipment.

Below you will find simple chest exercises that you can do at home and with no gym equipment. Add these exercises to your regular workout routine and you will start seeing results in no time!

What are the benefits of a strong chest?

The chest muscles consist of those between your neck and abs and are also known as the pecs.… Read the rest

Best African Mango for FAST Weight Loss!

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Best African Mango for FAST Weight Loss! – 100% Natural

Nature's Liberty African Mango 100% natural advanced weight loss supplement makes you feel good while losing weight. African Mango will make you feel like you're cheating weight loss programs! This will let you lose weight fast without the struggle of extreme diets or exercise.

For the best 100% NATURAL health products you will ever use, check out:

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hcg diets drops african mango – day 1

maxresdefault 16

I'll try to update every couple of weeks and hopefully with pictures that show a lot of change. I also will be doing a review of the product and see if it's worth it to keep on buying it

Here's the link the the hcg drops with african mango:

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African Mango – Diet Drops -HCG

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First video for the African Mango drops (1200mg).
I will do an update video in 2 weeks.
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