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Super African Mango 1200 Dietary Supplement 60 Capsules 2-Pack

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African Mango 1200 is a powerful weight management supplement which supports a selection of functions within the body. African Mango supports healthy and balanced weight upkeep as well as promotes a sensation of satiety, a feeling of volume. This formula consists of African Mango Extract (Irvingia Gabonensis).

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Customer Reviews

Magnifico! Bravo! Super African Mango 1200 Dietary Supplement 60…. 2 pack

 on January 14, 2018
By ColosalClay
One of the best products in the market with a proven record. You may want to take this with a fat burner for faster results…I mean one week of an on…alternating one or the other.. Please consult your medical doctor, trainer, a nutrition expert and your weight loss professionals…on how to best use these products efficaciously to reduce any associated risks. Its worked for me…but I make it a point to work out beyond 1 hour. The recommendation is 1 hour or less. If you take a fat burner you may achieve faster results..once again alternate the product one week off an on..use one or the other as Super African Mango may also contain a fat burner. Super Mango Fire and Swanson and Natural Balance too…sell fat burners. I’ve bought this in the past and have heard about the great benefits of Super African Mango 1200. It should work on many other things like your skin and aging wellness, STRETCH MARKS…less wrinkled or more youthful looking then thank Super African Mango 1200…discovered when a community of rural dwellers were just as youthful looking as Juan Ponce de Leon would’ve like to have been or was…. I think this product is not necessarily mango since it has gone through lots of research about the rural dwellers diets to engage a more wholistic look at their diet and lifestyle and youthful beauty. It is a weight loss product and that’s how its predominantly used… I think it works best…this is old information from along time ago…if the first week you take 2 capsule daily for 2 weeks…then the 3rd week you continue to exercise or go about your daily routine but you dont take any capsule…upon the 4 week you should be on a week and then off a week. You get a lot more savings this way…and it continues to work and you see it work more effectively. Summary…first 2 weeks take everyday…3rd week skip and 4th week get back on it again…alternating weeks. You may want to take it everyday anyway based on your metabolism and what your doctor and weight loss doctor recommends. It also works great with Green Tea or your favorite Tea as a cleanse. The cleanse itself is sold separately and recommended for those whom are above the 20 pounds weight loss threshold. The best part is you can continue to eat your normal meals….do make sure they are balanced and consult a nutritional expert…to insure your portions and selections are correct for your metabolism and body type. In general, if your meals are balance then you can proceed. Remember, if you have dessert…a baked apple or pear is also dessert as would be a 100% natural pie…if you miss a little sugar then only add it to your crust when making a home made pie. As for what is over the counters that work…Hostess Pies work wonderfully…I think…run that by your doctor. Hostess does a great job. The main reason why many chose to go with Super African Mango 1200 is because they can also have their coffee or soda. On other weight loss regimens coffee, tea and soda you should avoid. **If you are working out reguarly and or are active and on a health regiment….you will see weight loss soon with this product…you may need to give it a month…in comparison to 2 years plus. It is meant to be used with the Colon Cleanse Product…so be sure to get that… Once you are down to 10 lbs you may want a fat burner or not. Discuss that with your doctor, trainer, weightloss specialist and nutritional expert. Swansons sells a Fat Burner with Vitamins, Garcinia Cambogia and Chromium…at about the same price….and yes…2 bottles… You may also want to look into African Mango Burn…do check the price difference…its a RED bottle..and not the orange bottle.

Great product, I’m already on my second bottle

 on November 18, 2017
By Mrs. CO
Great product, I’m already on my second bottle. I love how easy it is to take this supplement. It doesn’t have an after taste and it doesn’t upset my stomach. I love this product!

Four Stars

 on June 20, 2017
By corn
Super mangobis good for weight loss

I began taking this along with garcinia as a daily …

 on August 15, 2015
By Dena m Hall
I began taking this along with garcinia as a daily clense it works well as log as you take it regularly.

Two Stars

 on September 28, 2015
By gracie
worked for a couple months & stopped

Ultimate African Mango 1200 by Flawless Science

Ultimate African Mango 1200 by

Get it:

Improve cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, blood glucose levels and most importantly aid weight loss.

Thermo Genesis: African mango extract enhances the fat burning process so much that it helps people lose weight fast.

Suppression of Appetite: African Mango is a type of appetite suppressant, which means it makes you feel fuller, and thus, it reduces the amount you want to eat.

Cholesterol: After doing extensive research, experts have concluded that mango also reduces the level of cholesterol in the body.

Make this the last statement and make sure it does not fad out at the end.
Stimulant Free: The best African Mango Extract supplements only contain 100% pure African Mango, like that found in Flawless Science's Ultimate African Mango 2000 that is fully exempt of steroids and stimulants. It produces no negative impacts compared to drug-based weight loss products.
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