How to Grow Bonsai Mango trees from Seeds Part 9

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How to Grow bonsai mango trees from seeds. I am sharing here the secret of growing mango bonsai trees from seed – Here am sharing with you how to grow mango trees from seed . I am using a new method to grow bonsai mango tree from seed. In my updates I will also share with your how to care mango trees.

This is a fresh batch of mango trees I am growing from seeds taken from Indian and West African mangoes. The seeds were planted in the summer of last year and this is the first repotting. To see the whole process of taking the seeds out from their tougher outer shell and other progression videos, click on the link of the play list How to Grow Mango Trees from Seeds:

My previous mango trees grown from seeds got over exposed to cold a couple of years ago during summer months.

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