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African Mango Extract Reviews

The African mango may seem like another stimulated product to produce hype and big bucks for companies. However, with backed support from Dr. Mehmet Oz, who has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show hundreds of times, the product seems more valid. Dr. Oz now has his own medical show, and has featured the African mango on his show not only as a weight loss aid, but as a super potent multivitamin that has benefits for both men and women.

While Dr. Oz does not endorse the product, his claims that African mango is beneficial for lowering cholesterol, improving the waistline and an effective weight loss aid makes trying African mango worth the risk.

The African mango comes in the form of an extract.

The fruit is extremely rare and is found in parts of the country of Cameroon in Africa. While the African mango is a new phenomenon to those in the United States and other countries, native Africans have used the African mango and its seeds for hundreds of years.

Natives call the African mango "Dikka Nuts" and the extract "Irvingia Gaconensis". Natives believe that both the fruit and the extract have medical benefits beyond its weight loss capabilities.

The way that the African mango works for weight loss is in speeding up the body's metabolism. Toxins block the body's ability to absorb the proper nutrients and energy needed to burn fat and increase metabolism. When this happens, the body is at a stalemate and cannot burn the fat needed for weight loss.

When African mango extract is ingested, it eliminates nutrient blocking toxins which allows the body to acquire the energy it needs to burn fat. Also, in terms of weight loss, the African Mango contains loads of Vitamin B.

Vitamin B helps to increase metabolism for carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. In metabolizing these products the body in return has more energy to exercise which leads to increase in fat burning energy.

Also vital to weight loss is the production of Adiponectine. Adiponectine is a hormone that regulates how the body absorbs glucose. Adiponectine also increase blood flow for better circulation.

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