African Mango Diet? Learn About the Health Benefits

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African Mango Diet Learn what Dr Oz has to say about African Mango. Learn how to eat healthy and with our Diet Supplements and weight loss program.

There aren't many supplements on the market that have peer reviewed studies on them; infact any studies at all are only on the ingredients an necessarily the product. This is not the case for African Mango.

African Mango Plus's primary ingredient is Irvingia Gabonensis, IGOB131. It is a diet supplement that helps people lose weight and also has other great health benefits.

Other Benefits of African Mango is:
– Weight Loss
– Lowering of Cholesterol
– Lower Diabetic Sugar Levels.

You can review the peer reviewed clinical studies on Our tax dollars pay for this website; its the US National Library of Medicine. Our medical students and Doctors go here to do their research. Only 5% of clinical studies ever submitted to ever get posted on the site; WHY? Because all studies are scrutinized and if it doesn't pass the test of 3 universities, it is not valid enough and it doesn't get posted.

Below are studies on African Mango that are currently published.

Read The Studies here:

offers healthy recipes and exercise programs to support you through your diet.

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