5 Benefits Of BCAAs

BCAAs are one of the most popular dietary supplements on the market today. In our bodies, we have 20 amino acids, which make up the proteins found within our bodies. However, nine of these are essential amino acids, which we need to ingest through our diets.

Out of these nine, you’ll find that there are three branched-chain amino acids, which are valine, leucine, and isoleucine. Keep reading to discover why you should consider adding BCAAs to your diet and the BCAA benefits you’ll notice when consuming these three BCAAs.

1. Stop Muscle From Breaking Down

When we train or go about our everyday activities, muscle proteins are constantly broken down and then rebuilt. However, when too much protein is broken down, and this exceeds the muscle protein synthesis, it leads to muscle wasting. This is often one of the biggest signs of malnutrition but also occurs when people are chronically ill.

While muscle wasting can also occur as we get older, consuming BCAAs can help to overcome this issue. By making sure you replace the BCAAs in your body, you’ll keep yourself feeling strong and healthy for many years to come.

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2. Speed Up Muscle Growth  

While BCAAs can help to avoid muscle wasting, they are also commonly used by individuals looking to build muscle. Leucine stimulates muscle protein synthesis, and by consuming BCAAs after training, you’ll be far more likely to gain muscle mass over time.

Of course, you’ll want to consider mixing protein and BCAAs for the best results. By offering your body this complete solution after training, you can be sure you’ll get the BCAA benefits you want even quicker than you expected.

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3. Reduce DOMS After Training

The delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) we experience after working out can leave you unable to train again for a day or two. This is particularly true when we switch up our workout routines, but one of the top BCAA benefits is to help minimize this soreness.

BCAAs reduce the damage to our muscles, which in turn lessens the length of the pain associated with DOMS. This is due to the fact that BCAAs minimize the protein breakdown while training, so you’ll feel less muscle fatigue after your session. For anyone who trains regularly, adding BCAAs to your diet will make a huge difference to the amount you can train and the results you see.

4. BCAA Benefits for Cirrhosis

Although we usually associate the BCAA benefits with working out, it’s also a useful supplement for anyone with chronic liver disease. BCAAs are shown to help minimize the symptoms of cirrhosis; however, they aren’t necessarily going to prolong someone’s life.

Someone with liver cirrhosis has a higher risk of developing liver cancer, and BCAAs also benefit anyone undergoing treatment for this condition. Of course, you’ll want to consult your medical team before making any big changes to your diet and use BCAAs alongside the treatment you are receiving for your current condition.

5. Reduce Fatigue from Working Out

If you train every day in any type of sport, you’ll hit a point of exhaustion at some point. The muscle soreness we experience soon builds up each day, and sometimes you may reach a point where you feel too fatigued to keep training.Of course, if you are an athlete or have particular fitness goals in mind, this can get in the way of the progress you are hoping to make.

There are many factors that come together to impact how quickly you get tired, but one of the BCAA benefits is that they will help to reduce exercise fatigue. When you consume BCAAs, you’ll replace the BCAAs which were lost during your training session. As a result, you’ll be far less likely to feel exhausted after a few days of training, but keep in mind that BCAAs alone won’t necessarily improve your overall performance.

Ready to try BCAAs Yourself?

With so many BCAA benefits on offer, it’s no surprise that so many people are adding these to their diet. If you train regularly, you’ll find that you’ll experience less muscle soreness and feel more inspired to return to the gym the following day.

The good news is that we have developed an incredible BCAA blend with the ideal ratio of ingredients, coconut water powder to boost hydration, and a refreshing snowcone taste. They are also easy to add to your diet alongside any other supplements you might already be taking because they have zero calories and zero sugar. You’ll soon notice all of the benefits we shared above, and you’ll help to protect your body while working out.

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